Winterfest At The Richmond Olympic Oval!

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Hey everyone! Today I shot Winterfest 2011 at The Richmond Olympic Oval! This was a massive celebration honouring last year’s 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, as well as Richmond’s contribution with the stunning Olympic Oval. There was TONS going on today! I got to see dancing, music, performers, dignitaries, local booths, sports demonstrations, arts, crafts, and of course the Olympians!!!

Richmond Olympic Oval Map

The Richmond Olympic Oval Googlemap:

This really was a great event with lots to see and do! I spent nearly 6 hours there on Saturday and saw giant rhythmic drummers, a Chinese Lion Dance, multiple dance troupes, live bands, choirs, a torch bearer’s parade, speeches from various dignitaries and the Olympians, and even got to witness a public skate with gold medal speed skater Denny Morrison. I will admit, I was a little intimidated by him and, given my chance to talk to him, did the whole deer in the headlights thing! Ahh! The best speed skater in the world! He got me! It must be that massive 6 pound gold medal around his neck! That thing is intimidating!

Winterfest Dancer

One special moment for me was when the torch bearers came to the stage while playing Nikki Yanofsky’s ‘I Believe’. This has to be one of the most beautiful and moving songs I’ve ever heard. I don’t usually do this, but the song is just so good and the message so strong that I’m posting the video on my blog so you can see it and reignite that Canadian Olympic spirit in your heart.

I don’t claim any ownership over this song and all rights belong to CTV and Nikki Yanofsky.


Beyond that, VANOC president John Furlong gave a very moving and powerful speech praising the athletes, the city of Richmond, and our beautiful Olympic Oval, as well. (Watch my video for some excerpts!) It was a beautiful, authentic speech, and you could tell he was so moved and proud of what we all accomplished here during 2010.

John Furlong

It was really cool to see the Olympians interact with the general public, too. Olympic gold medalist speed skater Denny Morrison took to the ice and did a public skate with hundreds and hundreds of children and families towards the end of the day. At first people kept their distance, seemingly intimidated by him. It only took one brave child to go up and ‘break the ice’ before he was swarmed with dozens and dozens of admiring fans all wanting to shake his hand, get an autograph, see his medal, or just congratulate him on his victory! It was very cool to see. He is a living Canadian star. (BC born too!)

Massive Hockey Players

I’m so happy to live in Richmond and have access to such an incredible building, with such an incredible legacy! The 2011 Winterfest was a fantastic event that showcased and brought back a little bit of that proud Canadian spirit that was stirred up so passionately during the Olympics. If you were fortunate enough to have gone and visited, I tip my hat to you! If not, stop reading this and go sing ‘O Canada’ right now, and plan to visit next year! It was a fantastic event!

– VideoChris

Olympic Torch Bearers

PS. If you’d like to see more photos of that day, go to The Richmond Reel’s Flickr page and check out our photostream:

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