The Richmond Summer Night Market Adventure

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Hey guys! It’s summertime in Richmond and you all know what that means- The Summer Night Market! I headed out with one of my best childhood friends, Kathryn, for a night of exotic foods, oddities, entertainment, and adventure!

Lit Up Night Market

The Food Strip

What is the Summer Night Market? This is a giant outdoor market with lights, music, vendors, food, entertainment, and so much more… all with an Asian twist. Located on Vulcan Way in Richmond (Bridgeport and No. 5 Road area), this is a cool place to spend an evening exploring and eating your way through Richmond’s diverse culture… which is exactly what we did!

Night Market Entertainment

Kathryn and I went on a Sunday and it was PACKED! The atmosphere was electric, with shoulder-to-shoulder crowds admiring all the Asian trinkets and paraphernalia being sold. You can find almost anything here—and I mean ANYTHING! In the market for a new bejeweled cell phone case? Perhaps a pair of stylish shoes direct from the shores of Taiwan? Maybe you want a full blown samurai sword? No? Well, at least get some acupuncture while smoking your new hand crafted wooden pipe. The point is there is just a TON of interesting and unique things to check out there!

Tons of Stuff at the Night Market

Though the trinkets and oddities are great, most people come for the FOOD! This is the main reason the Summer Night Market is famous. There is a stretch of shops in one section of the market with wall to wall vendors selling every variety of Asian cuisine you can think of, all for cheap affordable prices. It’s one of those situations where you get ‘a little bit here, and little bit there’, and sort of float around till you’re full. There’s no where else in the Lower Mainland you will find a more unique Asian food experience than this! It’s really a lot of fun!

Trying Some Food

Kathryn and I had all sorts of weird food including BBQ octopus, deep fried prawns, cheesy hurricane potato skewers (AMAZING; will blow your mind), classic chow mein, fresh coconut milk right out of the coconut, and even deep fried mango ice cream! It was fantastic!

Tasty Food

There is also a main stage with constant performances AND karaoke (of course!), as well as street performers that entertain up and down the corridors.
 Kathryn and I had an entertaining night full of exotic food, music, and entertainment! It’s definitely an experience and one you’re hard pressed to find anywhere else in Canada! Head down there next weekend and check it out for yourself! Oh, and make sure you try the ‘Hurricane Potato Skewers!’ They will shatter your beliefs to what is possible with a potato! ☺

– VideoChris

Main Stage

The Night Market is open Friday through Sunday from June till September every year. You can find their website here:

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  1. Annie says:

    Thanks for coming to the summer night market and I really like the pics that u took!:> We have more show to come this weekend, if u have time, pls drop by~

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