The Richmond Reel 2011 Year End Wrap Up

The Richmond Reel Splash

Hey everyone! WOW! 2011 is over! What a ride! Thanks everyone for watching and sticking with me this year. I sincerely hope you’ve gained some value and insight into Richmond!

I’ve made 55 videos this year exploring the best that Richmond has to offer! Now I know a lot of you have joined half way through or towards the end, so I’ve put together a massive 14 minute ‘index’ video recapping EVERYTHING I’ve done this year on the Reel for your convenience.

Please check it out, use the YouTube annotations, or see the links below for all of your favourite content this year! (or stuff you missed!) Enjoy and thanks for an amazing year and all your support!


Massive index of Richmond Reel posts this year!

1) Garry Point Park – Sunsets and Ice:

2) The Great Christmas Light Adventure:

3) Winter Wonderland – ‘The Richmond Arena’:

4) The Richmond Olympic Oval Experience:

5) Steveston At A Glance:

6) Walk Into The Past – The Britannia Heritage Shipyard:

7) ‘The Monster Cannery’ – The Gulf Of Georgia Cannery:

8) The Aberdeen Mall Chinese New Year Flower & Gift Fair:

9) The West Dyke Trail – Hike/Bike/Enjoy:

10) Chinese New Year – Lion Dancing At Yaohan Centre:

11) The International Buddhist Temple: Beauty Meets Serenity:

12) Aberdeen Centre – Lunar New Year Dragon/Lion/Kung Fu Demonstration:

13) Winterfest At The Richmond Olympic Oval!:

14) Rocanini Boutique Coffee Shop in Steveston:

15) My First Bubble Tea: Fair Bee Coffee & Tea:

16) The Vancouver International Airport At A Glance:

17) Watermania Aquatic and Fitness Centre:

18) Lacquer Beauty Bar – Chic Design & Nails:

19) Iona Park – The Pipeline Hike & Richmond’s Nature:

20) The Steveston Museum – Bank? Clinic? Post Office?:

21) Cherry Blossoms Are Here!!!:

22) The Steveston Winter Market – Gulf Of Georgia Cannery:

23) The Richmond Art Gallery:

24) The Golden Village – Food Street, Aberdeen & Yaohan:

25) Steveston Whale Watching!!!:

26) Spot Prawns in Steveston!!!:

27) The Richmond Nature Park and… SLUG RACES:

28) Ships to Shore – Sailing with ‘The Lady Washington’:

29) Ships to Shore – The Lady Washington vs The Hawaiian Chieftain SEA BATTLE!:

30) Ships To Shore Final Wrap Up – The Rest of the Event!:

31) The London Heritage Farm – A Glimpse Into Richmond’s Past:

32) 6Pack Beach – Beach Volleyball Comes To Richmond!:

33) The Salmon Festival – Happy Canada Day!!!:

34) Strawberry Season Has Come!!!:

35) Cooling Off In Richmond:

36) The Richmond Summer Night Market Adventure:

37) NEED FOR SPEED – Go Karts in Richmond!:

38) Sunsets and Airplanes @ YVR:

39) The Fish N Chips of Steveston!:

40) Richmond Raptor Festival; Birds of Prey:

41) The Steveston Wharf:

42) The West Richmond Pitch and Putt – GOLF!:

43) The Wines of Richmond – Lulu Island Winery:

44) Iona Beach Stargazing:

45) Biking Timelapse Tour of Richmond’s Dykes:

46) Richmond By Air – Jet Helicopters with Helijet:

47) Flyzone Body Flight (Skydiving!):

48) The Pumpkin Patch!:

49) SHOCK Paintball:

50) Richmond By Water w/ Steveston Eco Tours:

51) The Richmond Cranberry Harvest:

52) Snow Geese – Captured and Shot [on video!]:

53) Richmond In Motion:

54) The Richmond Curling Rink Battle Royale:

55) Santa Visits Steveston!:

The Richmond Reel: Richmond Explored Through Film

Tourism Richmond - London Heritage Farm 127

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4 Responses to The Richmond Reel 2011 Year End Wrap Up

  1. Vibeke Hansen says:

    Hi Chris!
    Thanks for all the beautiful videos you have made.
    It has been so exciting to watch them all.
    I have loved watching every single one, and to listen to your storytelling too, – which is also very important to me, as it gives me more knowledge of the world where you – my wonderful Canadian family – have your daily life 🙂
    Amazing so many things goes on in your area!
    Happy New Year to you and your family – and I will look forward to new videos in 2012.
    Love from auntie Vibeke – Denmark:)

  2. Brittany says:

    Great wrap up of the 2011 year!

  3. Leanna Verkade says:

    Thank you very much Chris for all your insightful videos about Richmond. I often watch your films with my gr. 3 students here at Cook School. I really appreciate how you touch on local topics and show how much our city has to offer…well done! Best wishes for 2012!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Leanna! That really means a lot to hear! I hope your students are getting some value from them!

      – VideoChris

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