The Pumpkin Patch!

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This week, in the spirit of Halloween, I ventured out with my two and a half year old neighbour Hudson to the pumpkin patch! The pumpkin patch is a fun destination packed full of activities and entertainment for the whole family! Located on Steveston Highway between No.5 and N0. 6, you will find everything there from mud, music, wagon rides, live shows, animals, a corn maze…  and of course pumpkins!

The Pumpkin Patch

Nice Big Pumpkin

I have fond memories as a child coming here and utterly caking myself in mud, finding the biggest and best pumpkin in the patch, and dragging it home for carving! I’m happy to say it’s exactly as I remember it, only this time, everything seems just a bit smaller. 🙂

Found One!

Upon arriving I met up with Hudson, his father Doug, his mom Teresa, and their newborn, Finnegan. Hudson was very excited to get going!

Hudson in the Patch!

Before starting we visited the small petting zoo near the entrance, complete with chickens, roosters, goats, and cows… or as Hudson called them ‘Moo Moos.’ We bought our tickets and headed in towards the famous wagon ride!

Tourism Richmond - Pumpkin Patch 146

To get to the pumpkin patch, you must first hop on a hay wagon and enjoy a nice five minute ride through the farm and surrounding orchard.  As you pass the serene sights of the dew filled fields and farm, you are sung to by a banjo wielding musician on the wagon! He does a good job at getting the kids going, as well as explaining the sights as they pass by. Soon, we were at the patch!

Tourism Richmond - Pumpkin Patch 148

Beautiful! Pumpkins everywhere!!! Hudson and I were soon venturing out into the fields,  with mud everywhere, hunting down the perfect pumpkin! After quite an extensive search over two different pumpkin fields Hudson located his pumpkin, as well as mine. It was a lot of fun watching Hudson romp around searching high and low for that perfect pumpkin. It brought back memories of when I was a child and I’m happy he got to experience it.

Copy of Tourism Richmond - Pumpkin Patch 141

A short wagon ride later we were back at the farm, and in front of a giant box of delicious red apples. It’s tradition that after your hay ride and pumpkin search you reward yourself with a crunchy red apple! We watched a stage show with life-size characters dancing on the stage all to live music and soon were ready to head home with our prizes. What a great morning!

Hudson Eating an Apple

If you are in need of a pumpkin for Halloween, definitely head down to the pumpkin patch on Steveston Highway and get the full experience! It’s really a lot of fun for the whole family!

Thanks to Hudson and family for coming out and spending the day with me! Happy Halloween!

Teresa, Finnegan, Doug and Hudson

–           VideoChris

You can find more about the pumpkin patch here:

Behind the Scenes - Pumpkin Patch

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