The London Heritage Farm – A Glimpse Into Richmond’s Past

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Hey everyone. Today I visited one of the little jewels tucked away in Steveston that not many people really know about: The London Heritage Farm.

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London Heritage Farm Googlemap

This is a beautiful 4 acre piece of farmland that encapsulates a piece of Richmond’s history from around the 1880-1930’s era. Overlooking the south arm of the Fraser River, the site is comprised of a restored 1880’s farmhouse, several herb and flower gardens, a restored barn, old farming equipment, a small hand tool museum, a lovely pond, gazebo, and a picnic area all in a welcoming park-like atmosphere.

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The centrepiece of it all is the restored farmhouse. With six rooms displaying furniture, old pictures, clothing, quilts, and everyday articles of the era you’ll truly get a glimpse into Richmond’s history as well as one of the pioneering farming families from that time. So now you’re wondering, who did live there?

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The London Family of course!

“Charles E. London, aged 16, and his brother William, aged 17, arrived in British Columbia in 1879 from Ontario. They purchased 200 acres of land in 1881 for $2,000, erected a small farm house and began clearing and draining the land in preparation for farming. The London Family, loyalists from the American Revolution, went on to be one of Richmond’s most prominent families.”

(Excerpt from London Heritage Farm pamphlet)

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The farm and 4 acres of its original land were purchased in 1978 by the city of Richmond and registered as a heritage site under the BC Heritage Act.

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London Heritage Farm is a beautiful spot that’s worth checking out for an afternoon if you’re in the area! The botanical gardens are gorgeous, there are plenty of spots for relaxing, having a picnic, or if you’re there on a weekend, you can enjoy afternoon tea with homemade scones or biscuits! Next time you’re walking along the dyke, stop and check it out! It’s an important part of Richmond’s history and a beautiful example of what life was like during the 1880’s!

– VideoChris

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If you’d like more information on the London Heritage Farm, visit their website here:

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2 Responses to The London Heritage Farm – A Glimpse Into Richmond’s Past

  1. Mike Sequeira says:

    Hey Chris..nice Blog…but there is another another GREAT feature of the London Farm – it’s allotment garden section to the West of the main house. There is a wonderful assortment of vegetable and floral patches that we painstakingly take care of and are very proud to see thriving…next visit perhaps? Great Blog though….thank you!

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