The Fish N Chips of Steveston!

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When I think of Steveston, I think of two things. #1 Fishing boats, #2 Fish and Chips! Yes, Steveston has some of the best fish and chips ANYWHERE and today, my friend Yuriy and I went out to get our fill. It’s funny that he always volunteers to come out during the food episodes….

Fish N Chips of Steveston Map

Pajos Fish N Chips in Steveston!

There are a number of great fish and chips places in Steveston to choose from. Today we chose to visit two of them and see what they were all about. Our first stop was the famous Pajos! Anyone who’s ever been in Steveston would be hard pressed to not know about these guys.

Shooting Pajos

Shooting at Pajos on the water!

Pajo’s is a super popular fish and chips restaurant tucked away in the corner of Steveston by the Gulf of Georgia Cannery. (They also have a new location at Garry Point) What makes them unique? They have a floating restaurant! It doesn’t get more Steveston than that! You can enjoy a wonderful basket of fish and chips right on the water among all the fishing boats. Their fish and chips are excellent, too! I found out Pajo’s only uses fish caught wild off the West Coast and they slice fresh local potatoes everyday. Yum! Pajo’s is a definite must see if you’re Steveston and craving a good basket of fish and chips! (halibut, cod, or salmon!) On a random side note, they also have just delicious burgers. I had one the other day and was impressed yet again!

Delicious Pajos Fish N Chips!

Our next stop was a lesser-known fish and chips place, but an equally good one. This was none other than Pat’s Galley, located on the other side of Steveston Village. (Next to the Blenz Coffee House) This is a small, clean, quaint establishment that I had never eaten at before today. The owners, Peter and Rita, were extremely friendly and hospitable to us and ended up bringing out 6 DISHES for us to try!

Pat's Galley Fish N Chips!

Inside Pat's Galley in Steveston!

We had fried cod, grilled halibut, grilled cod, grilled salmon, fried salmon, fried halibut, French fries, salad, and onion rings! The meals were huge and we really struggled (in the best way possible!) to eat all 6 plates! The look on people’s faces as they walked by us was priceless! “Are they really eating that much food?” YES WE ARE! The food was delicious and I especially liked the grilled salmon and onion rings.

Shooting Fish N Chips at Pat's Galley

A lot of Fish N Chips!

If you’re hungry for fish and chips in Steveston definitely head down and hit up one of the many restaurants that offer these quintessential summer foods! We visited Pajo’s as well as Pat’s Galley, and both were fabulous!

–      VideoChris

You can find more information about Pajos and Pat’s Galley here:


Pat’s Galley:

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