Steveston Whale Watching!!!

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What a day!!! Today was easily one of the most fun days I’ve had in Richmond in a long time! I spent the day hanging out with a cool company named ‘Vancouver Whale Watch.’ As the name suggests, we got to see whales… and oh, so much more! By the time the day was over I had seen killer whales, eagles, sea lions, harbor seals, and a ton of stunning B.C. scenery! What more do you need for a great day in Richmond?

Vancouver Whale Watch

Welcome Aboard

I’ve lived in Steveston my whole life and have always seen whale watching signs posted throughout the harbour, but never actually bothered to go. I’ve gone a couple times elsewhere in the world, and my experience was always just awesome! So when an opportunity came around to film the whale watching out of Steveston, I was all over it.

Joan Our Naturalist

Trying to Find The Whales

My friend Yuriy (the photographer) and I headed out for what we had originally thought was a two hour excursion— as it turned out it was a six hour day! Wow! The most awesome thing though? We never felt tired or bored; there was just too much see and enjoy. Our guide Joan (from Vancouver Whale Watch) was a fantastic and wonderful host, as was our friendly captain John.

Joan Scanning for Whales

VideoChris & PhotoYuriy

The whole experience was well planned and executed and best of all, the whales were spectacular! We got the privilege of seeing a pod of eight killer whales, including a baby! They never did that Free Willy jump like in the movie, but it was still an amazing experience to see them.

Harbour Seals!

Killer whale Pod with Baby!

On this trip something extremely rare and awesome happened. By law, you cannot get within 100 metres of the whales unless you are a researcher. (like the white boat in the video) They want you to keep your distance, which is totally understandable and what we did. However, as we were idling out in the Straights of Juan De Fuca, (off Vancouver Island) the entire pod surfaced almost right next to our boat! This was totally unexpected as they had dove several minutes ago and no body knew where they were. They had been quite far away in the distance, and suddenly were almost right underneath us! The footage and stills speak for themselves! It was the closest I’ve ever been to wild whales in my life. What an amazing stroke of luck!!

Amazing Orcas!

Killer Whales!!!!

If you want a killer day (no pun intended) out in Richmond, head down to Steveston and check out the spectacular whale watching. There are two main companies that service the area:

Vancouver Whale Watch (


Steveston Seabreeze (

Shooting A Pod of Orcas

I spent the day with Vancouver Whale Watch and they rocked! It’s worth your time and makes a great day out in Steveston! Check it out!

VideoChris Hanging off the Boat

ALSO: A very special thanks to Yuriy Rzhemovskiy for providing all of the amazing photos you see here. You can visit his website and works here:

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I’m an energetic and fun loving dude from little ‘ol Steveston, BC. I studied film at The Art Institute of Vancouver and have traveled the world shooting in almost 30 countries in 2010. I was the runner up for the 2010 Air Transat ‘Ultimate Vacationer’ position and have since began working with Tourism Richmond to promote and show off what an awesome place Richmond is. My passions in life include travel, film, indoor & beach volleyball, snowboarding, skimboarding, lying on beaches, diving, and otherwise just being with my friends! My aspiration in life is to create my own travel television series (in front of or behind the camera) and fulfil that gut feeling we all know so well…. the travel bug! Thanks for checking out my blog!

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5 Responses to Steveston Whale Watching!!!

  1. Wow! What an experience! I’ve always wanted to go but undecided on which season is the best for watching. You get a very relaxing cruise as well, it seems. Will definitely have to try ASAP!

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  3. Haz in scotland says:

    We did this trip in 2009 with same company and same guide….the whole experience was AWESOME!! Our kids were only 7 and 5 then and the 6hr sail didnt phase them at all in fact they LOVED IT! We are coming back to Vancouver next summer and will definately be whale watching again!!!!

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