Steveston At A Glance

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Hey guys! Today I am going to give you a quick tour of the beautiful historic fishing village of Steveston. If you’re not sure where Steveston is, it’s in the South West corner of Richmond on the mouth of the Fraser River. This is without question and is one of the most unique and iconic locations in the entire city.

TRR Steveston, BC

Google map:

Map of Steveston

Today is actually an interesting day because, as you’ve seen in the video, there is snow everywhere! This NEVER happens in Richmond. If we’re lucky, we get snow maybe 1-2 times every couple of years. My shoot day just so happened to fall on one of those days. Go figure. For the record, Richmond is one of the mildest cities in all of Canada, albeit a wet one. (rain! rain! rain!) That’s ok though, as a little liquid sunshine never hurt anyone.

TRR Steveston, BC

For those who aren’t familiar with Steveston, there are a few key landmarks that are ‘must visits’ if you’re in the area. First and foremost, are our famous docks! On weekends they are bustling with activity; fishing boats showing their newest catches, little souvenir shops, patio restaurants, cafes, fish & chips on the water, and the best frozen yogurt in the city.  Taking a stroll down the boardwalk and taking in all the sights and sounds really is a special thing- a totally unique experience to the rest of Richmond.

TRR Steveston, BC

Next up is The Gulf of Georgia Cannery, which is pretty much the main reason Steveston is on the map. Back in the 1800’s Steveston was the epicentre of fishing in all of BC. In fact, last fall we had the biggest sockeye salmon run in 100 years. The Cannery is a beautifully laid out museum showcasing the traditions and proud heritage that made Steveston what it is today. (Stay tuned later this week as I tour it and give you more insight into Steveston and it’s history!)

TRR Steveston, BC

Lastly is Moncton Street, which is the main ‘strip’ of Steveston. You’ll find plenty of ‘Ma & Pa’s’ restaurants (among others!) that cover the whole gamut: Greek, Indian, Italian, Mexican, sandwich places, and of course the best local seafood around! Beyond that, there are many micro bakeries, cafes, souvenir shops, and other hidden little gems just waiting to be explored.

TRR Steveston, BC

Steveston really is a beautiful place and absolutely worth a visit if you come to Richmond. A nice afternoon on the docks, a basket of fish & chips, some fresh frozen yogurt, and a stroll through one of it’s scenic parks is only the tip of the iceberg of what Steveston has to offer. The charm of it’s little streets and character buildings really takes you back to a time long past, but that’s for you to explore yourself.

– VideoChris

TRR Steveston, BC

PS. If you’d like to see more photos from that day, go to The Richmond Reel’s Flickr page and check out our photostream:

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