Spot Prawns in Steveston!!!

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NOTE: I realize I pronounced ‘Tapenade’ wrong a few times in the video. Please thank my superior linguistic skills. =/

Right now is a special time of the year in the lower mainland. It’s none other than Spot Prawn Season!!! When I heard about these little guys, I had to go check them out for myself. They are just all the rage right now and for good reason. They are DELICIOUS! I headed down to Steveston today to see for myself….

Spot Prawns

What is a spot prawn anyway? They are large shrimp that are fished along the British Columbia coastline and are considered sweeter and tastier than regular shrimps. Just another shrimp? No. Spot prawns are easily identifiable by the two little white dots on their bodies and are special because they are only available for one month of the entire year. (Usually May) This makes them a coveted prize and special treat that is extremely limited!

Spot Prawn Spots

I headed down to Tapenade Bistro in Steveston to meet up with execute chef Alex Tung to try my own spot prawns. When I arrived he was literally taking the spot prawns out of the back of his car- they were in the water only an hour earlier. After a quick explanation of the prawns, he began preparing two delicious dishes that we sat down to. The first dish was raw spot prawns, and the second was a traditional spot prawn boil with glazed potatoes, chorizo, peas, and fresh garden herbs. Both were absolutely delicious, though I preferred the cooked spot prawns of the two. The prawns are mouth watering, clean, and very fresh to eat. The dishes were beautifully prepared, aesthetically pleasing, and the food was excellent.

Live Spot Prawns

I was happy I got to try spot prawns. They are a really tasty and unique treat that you need to go check out before the season ends! (which is very soon!) Head down to Steveston and pick up some on the docks, or check out one of the many restaurants that offer them. I recommend Tapenade Bistro- they have a great patio, friendly staff and the food is excellent. Enjoy them while they last!

You can visit Tapenade Bistro’s website here:

Spot Prawns on the Steveston Docks

– VideoChris

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