Snow Geese – Captured and Shot [on video!]

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What is that noise!? Chances are if you live in Richmond or have been visiting Richmond in the last few weeks you’ve heard the insane amount of squawking going on. Yes, it is none other than the fabled snow geese horde that has taken over the city. (Yes, I call them ‘the horde!’)

Snow Geese in Field

Snow Goose in Flight

Each fall, tens of thousands of snow geese touch down in the Fraser Delta, a huge portion of them landing specifically in Richmond. They breed way up in the northern tundras of Canada and Alaska and migrate south every winter to the warmer climates of the Lower Mainland. They travel almost 5,000km on their journey to get here and it is quite a sight to see!

Tons of Snow Geese

Snow Geese Take Flight

For me personally, I welcome the sight of them. I think it’s amazing to walk into a field covered in beautiful white snow geese. It represents the changing of the seasons and is a nature photographer’s dream! It’s an incredible sight to look up to the sky and see hundreds upon hundreds of white birds flying in formation over the city. I love it!

Snow Geese

For others, namely the Vancouver International Airport, the snow geese are a major concern. With the massive amounts of geese flying in, they have to be very careful to avoid bird strikes with their jets. To combat this, the airport uses lasers, lights, pyrotechnics, and trained dogs to chase and scare them out of the away from the runways. YVR actually employs three ‘bird officers’ whose sole job is keep the runways clear!

Snow Geese Soaring

If you’re in Richmond and you can actually find the horde, (It’s difficult! They move around A LOT!) I highly recommend you grab a camera and check them out! Seeing 5,000 white birds dominate a school field is quite a sight! Even better news, if you’re superstitious, you have about 10,000 chances to get pooped on this winter! Think of all the good luck! 😉

Snow Geese Flying

– VideoChris

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4 Responses to Snow Geese – Captured and Shot [on video!]

  1. Tanya Mac says:

    They are amazing! I love the look of the snow geese. Where we live we have dozens and dozens of Canada geese all summer long on our pond and hundreds seem to use it as a stopping place while flying south. I will miss them until the spring!

  2. katy chiu says:

    I very like those photos.0

  3. Trudy says:

    I was wondering where they feed, and why are they going every which way, are they looking for food? they must be getting scared off, and looking for someplace to land and eat. They are so beautiful. I even like the noise.

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