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WAR! What is it good for?? Absolutely nothin– well, actually in this case it was quite fun. Today I went out to SHOCK Paintball in Richmond with my childhood friend, Ben Dodman. Richmond has a paintball arena? Yes, it does! In fact, we have the largest indoor paintball arena in all of Canada!

Staging Area

Arena Shot 2

Nestled away in an industrial complex just off of New Westminster Highway, Richmond boasts a humungous 22,000 square foot fully decked out indoor paintball arena. We visited them to see if the hype was worth it.

Arena Shot 1

Upon arriving we were greeted by SHOCK’s incredibly friendly and hospitable staff who were enthusiastic to show us around their facility. You can feel a real sense of pride in the building as everyone that works there not only loves paintball, but realizes the value of the facility that they have at their disposal. The building is huge! They have multiple rooms for parties and functions, a large staging area, a pro paintball shop (in the works), as well as a briefing/gear up room to get ready.

Gear Locker

Ben Getting Ready

Ben and I were very quickly suited up in full camouflage coveralls and combat vests, and given our masks and markers. (Marker = paintball for gun) One of the best and most interesting things about the field are the markers. I’ve played paintball in several other arenas throughout the lower mainland, and while fun, most of them offer very low-grade, crappy guns. SHOCK however offers authentic full replica markers. This means I can wield a realistic looking M16 or MP5, which really adds a lot to the combat experience.

M16 Marker

Soon Ben and I were ready to begin our first match. The actual ‘field’ is quite a sight to see. Entering through the staging area and a large mesh door, you pass into a massive paint covered city block. They have multi-level buildings, bunkers, sandbag fortifications, cars, and all manner of obstacles strewn throughout the play area. In speaking to one of the employees, I soon found out that they actually re-created the popular video game Call of Duty map ‘Strike.’ What does that mean? They’ve created a one to one replica of the map for players to enjoy. Very cool.

Arena Shot 1

Ben and I were soon battling up city blocks, capturing flags, assaulting buildings, and ducking for cover in the massive play area. It was SOOO much fun! I’ve played outdoor paintball before, however indoor is a totally different ball game. You tend to engage people at much closer ranges and the action is much faster and more frantic.


Under Fire

The entire experience creates an adrenaline packed thrill ride that is not only incredibly fun, but a workout too! After a 10 minute match of running up streets, hopping from cover to cover, and bee-lining for objectives you are panting and sweating. Whew! This is so much more entertaining than a treadmill!

Street Battle

So, the question you’re all wondering- does it hurt? I’d be lying if I said it didn’t! I got hit lots, I hit lots, and in the end it was totally awesome and a great experience. Sure, I have a few small raspberries and bruises on my arms, but they will act as a reminder of how much fun I had until they fade in a few days. It’s this exact thing that makes paintball so fun— that constant risk of getting hit that turns up the intensity so much. Protip: Shoot the bad guys first before they shoot you. 😉


Ben and I had a great time and I can’t recommend SHOCK enough. We had a blast, got a great workout, and the adrenaline is something that few other sports can match. If you’re looking for a great way to spend an afternoon or evening, hop on down to SHOCK Paintball in Richmond and have some fun!

Taking Cover

For more information you can check out their website here:

– VideoChris

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