Ships To Shore Final Wrap Up – The Rest of the Event!

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Ships to Shore 2011 is OVER!!! I had an amazing time there and it’s sad to see those beautiful ships go. Check out a quick montage showcasing the festival, with emphasis on ‘the rest’ of the event and some of the different things going on!

Crowds After the Sea Battle

Sails in the BG

Besides the ships, they had music, food, live performances, artisan & farmers’ markets, games, outdoor screenings of the playoffs, and nighttime outdoor movie events! There was just so much going on!

Stage Performance

FreshAirCinemas Outdoor Movie Event

Check out the video and make sure you make it out next year!

– VideoChris

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One Response to Ships To Shore Final Wrap Up – The Rest of the Event!

  1. Sharon says:

    Hi Chris.

    I love following your videos. Due to unfortunate circumstances I had to miss the festival (which I was really looking forward to) so it was nice to see the videos.

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