Rocanini Boutique Coffee Shop in Steveston

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Hey everyone! This morning I found myself in Steveston at Rocanini, the specialty boutique coffee shop on the corner of No. 1 Road and Moncton Street. Nestled in between all the monstrous consumer coffee chains in Steveston, Rocanini stands out as a clean, welcoming, and friendly alternative for the everyday coffee or tea drinker.

Rocanini Coffee Shop Map

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Upon first entering, you are immediately struck by the stark white walls and clean-cut décor. You would think something like would not be welcoming, but it’s actually quite the opposite. It’s a relaxing and calm place with plenty of chairs, tables, and places to lounge around. I especially liked the giant wooden ‘beer hall’ table inside. Coffee shops are meant to be social places and this is a great idea I’d like to see implemented in more places in the future!

Rocanini Sign

Now, you’re probably expecting a full review of all the coffees! Sorry! I’m actually not a coffee drinker at all- the stuff makes me get all jittery and uncomfortable. I can however speak for their tea. I drink green tea like it’s going out of style- on average about 2-3 cups a day. I was given a herbal green tea while I was there and it was exquisite. This wasn’t some dinky little Starbucks teabag either, but rather a hand scooped, freshly ground bag of delicious tea just waiting to be enjoyed. I laughed when I was given my cup! The tea bag weighed about 3 pounds! That’s value! Needless to say I was a very happy camper. For all you coffee drinkers, I met a local gentleman who was drinking espressos and he was raving about them, touting them the best in the Lower Mainland! I don’t know about that, but I’m sure they are quite good. It was refreshing to see that they brew all of their coffees by hand, from grinding the beans, all the way to manually filtering them. It’s that nice personal touch that really adds so much to the drink.

Rocanini Drip

This brings me to a funny random side story regarding espressos. I had my first  espresso shot last year during the summer. Those things are dangerous! I remember drinking it and TWEAKING OUT for the next 4 hours. I had a headache, I was dizzy, my head was buzzing, I was sweating and feeling just horrible! Never again! I think you have to ease yourself into coffee- going straight for the espresso was probably a bad idea. Suffice to say, I like my green tea!

Rocanini Smiles and Coffee

If you’re in Steveston and you’re looking for a nice cup of something to warm you up, why not be adventurous and skip your boring everyday Starbucks, and see what a hand brewed beverage at Rocanini’s tastes like. You might just be surprised at the difference!


NOTE: I realize in the video I said ‘RocaCHINIs’ in the beginning. Thank you for noticing my fantastic grasp on the finer points of enunciation in the English language. It is actually RocaNINI’s. Oops!

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