Richmond’s New Sister City, Xiamen (China)

Xiamen Cityscape

Hey guys! Recently I found out some interesting news regarding Richmond and a new sister city.  As you may already know, currently Richmond has two sister cities: Pierrefonds in Quebec (since 1968) and Wakayama in Japan (since 1973). Richmond just signed a letter of intent to enter into a formal sister city relationship with the Chinese city of Xiamen, located on China’s southeast coast. Xiamen is dubbed China’s ‘cozy city’ and has been ranked ‘the second most livable city in the China.’ Next time I visit, I’ll make sure to confirm this.

Xiamen China Pretty Water

Population wise they dwarf us: Xiamen has roughly 2.5 million people while Richmond only has 174 thousand. In China, Xiamen is known as a prosperous and clean city with a pleasant subtropical climate and in 2006 was ranked as China’s ‘most suitable city for living.’

Xiamen, China

Though it’s not official yet, when the papers are signed this will be a great thing for Richmond. Besides the obvious of increased tourism between the two cities, you’ll find that Richmond will have an even stronger cultural tie to its largest demographic of people: Chinese-Canadians. This is a perfect opportunity for our Asian communities to thrive even more than they already are. Bring it on Xiamen and congratulations to the city of Richmond!

You can find Xiamen’s Wikipedia here:

Oh, and you can sun tan on giant mice. Richmond, take note.

Giant Xiamen Mice

– VideoChris

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