Richmond In Motion

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This week’s video I am titling ‘Richmond in Motion.’ This is an idea I’ve had for a while; the concept behind it capturing the bustle and activity (aka motion) of Richmond through time-lapse photography.

The Flying Beaver

I’ve done a little tiny bit of time-lapse photography in the past, namely my star gazing video earlier this year, however this was my first project dedicated solely to it. I think time-lapse photography is really underrated—the amount of time it takes to get those shots can be staggering. Suffice to say, this project’s given me a newfound respect for it. Those tiny little five-second shots you see certainly have a price! In my case, each shot you see is anywhere from 10 minutes on the low end, to 35 minutes on the high end, per clip!

Fisherman's Wharf Wide

I spent about four separate days out shooting these time-lapses, the first batch of which were ruined due to poor weather. It also didn’t help that daylight in the last few weeks has been diminishing at an alarming rate. The sunsets this week have been happening at 4:00PM! With my current schedule, I generally work late into the night and sleep in during mornings, so as you can imagine it gives me a limited window! “Wake up early Chris!” Shhhh!

Minoru Race Track

That being said, I’m very happy with the result. Please enjoy Richmond In Motion!

– VideoChris

Steveston Over Water

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3 Responses to Richmond In Motion

  1. Bev Sheridan says:

    Loved, loved, loved the section on the Beaver

  2. forrest wilton says:

    love it! musta been really hard to zoom in so smoothly. Where exactly is he flying beaver?

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