Richmond By Water w/ Steveston Eco Tours

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So as you know, I just recently did ‘Richmond By Air’ with Helijet…. Since then I’ve been meaning to do a ‘Richmond by Water’, but I was having a difficult time finding someone with a boat willing to take me around. Well, I was recently hooked up with a company named ‘Steveston Eco Tours’, specifically a man by the named of Bruce Livingston. Bruce was kind enough to take me out on his six-man boat and sail around Richmond, offering a different perspective than you may be used to from the land. (or air!)

Bruce of Eco Tours

Steveston Harbour

Bruce is the owner and operator of a small, new company named Eco Tours, based out of Steveston. He gets people out on the water to see Steveston, the Fraser River Estuary, the Gulf Islands, and shows them what this part of the world really has to offer. You would be amazed at the amount of history and sight seeing there is around Richmond accessible by water. I’ve lived here my whole life and was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful experience and new sights Bruce showed me.

Fishing Boats

Gulf of Georgia Cannery

Our entire trip was a relaxed two and a half hours. Bruce was a fantastic guide who was incredibly knowledgeable about the region and gave us insight into the history and workings of the mouth of the Fraser. We got a close and personal waterside look at the Steveston Harbour, Britannia Heritage Shipyards, Shady Island, Gulf of Georgia Cannery, down and around Garry Point, Scotch Pond, way out to the jetty to see a sea lion, Finn Slough, the BC Ferry wet dock, went overtop of the Massey Tunnel, and finally back to Paramount Pond, where we began. There was wildlife, fishing boats, freighters, tugs, pilot boats, the massive Fraser River dredgers, and just a ton to see on the water the whole time. Steveston is a very, very busy port, though you may not realize it from the land!

Shooting the Dredger

Bald Eagle

I really enjoyed seeing all the wildlife on the trip. My personal highlight was a 900 pound sea lion we saw on some rocks sun bathing by the Steveston jetty. We were able to get within twenty feet of him! Make sure you watch the video to get a close and personal look at him! Beyond that, we saw a couple seals, eagles, herons, snow geese, and many other local birds. Richmond really is a great setting to explore by water!

Sea Birds

Sea Lion Posing

If you’re looking for a first class, friendly, personable guide, Bruce Livingston of Eco Tours is your man. We had a fabulous day on the water and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks again Bruce for having me out!

Chris and Bruce

You can find his website here:

Have fun and check out Richmond by water! Tell him VideoChris sent you!

– VideoChris


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