Remembrance Day in Richmond Through Photos

Today is a very special day- 11-11-11. Remembrance Day.

One of the most incredible experiences of my life was visiting Ypres, Belgium last year. I visited Tyne Cot Cemetery, also refereed to as ‘Flanders Fields,’ near Passendale. It was a beautiful, emotional, and sobering experience: thousands of Canadian graves row by row, among beautiful pink roses as far as the eye could see. Afterwards I visited the The Flanders Field Museum, which as a Canadian, truly moved me. If you ever want to visit a stunningly put together war museum with a strong Canadian influence, that is it. I have so much respect for our veterans and those that fought for our freedom.


I was not able to attend the Richmond ceremony in person, however my mother went and took a number of photographs covering the event. Please enjoy and remember the sacrifice and hardship that our veterans endured to give us the world we live in today.

Lest we forget.


Canada Wreath


Vimmy Ridge Rock

A Decorated War Veteran

Placing the Wreaths

Royal Canadian Mounted Police


Various Armed Forces

The Richmond Cenotaph 2


A Veteran of the Great War


The Richmond Cenotaph 3

Teaching the Young


This is a very emotional and thought provoking video I would like to share with you about Remembrance Day. This is not my work nor do I own any piece of it. The message is pure and simple and everyone should pass this message on for generations to come.

– VideoChris

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