NEED FOR SPEED – Go Karts in Richmond!

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Hey everyone! Today was an awesome day as I headed down to the Richmond Go Karts track (the outdoor one) for some high-octane, turbo charged, fuel injected fun. Ok, maybe the karts weren’t THAT big, but they were an absolute blast to zip around in and kept my friend Jake and I busy for several hours. Read on to hear our epic battle versus the 7-year-old terrorist! What a day!

The Checkered Flag

Beating The Competition

I’ve definitely filmed a lot of fun stuff in my life, but shooting shotgun while screeching around corners, burning though straightaways, and weaving around other karts was easily one of the best! The Richmond Go Kart track offers a huge outdoor paved course complete with straightaways, hairpin turns, and windy sections to fulfill your need for speed. They have single and double nine horse power karts and offer races with up to 25 people. (rough estimate from what I saw!)

Lined Up And Ready

The Starting Gates

The facility was well maintained, had a concession, plenty of sitting and spectating areas, and the karts were all in good working condition. The general demographic was young families, though you get a few older guys out there, too. What a great way to spend a sunny afternoon in Richmond!

Race Is On

One of the funny occurrences was our epic battle/race to the death with an aggressive 7 year old that found we had a camera and made it his new mission to drive us off the road. It was hilarious and awesome! He would slow down and wait for us and then cut us off and do all manner of things that would get you thrown in jail on an actual street. Luckily, thanks to Jake’s superior kart driving skills and my relentless taunts of victory we managed to survive the round and get some great footage to boot. Hey little dude, just wait till round 2! =p

Too Much Fun

Jake and I really had a great time out there. The karts handled well and the course was interesting and well laid out. If you’re looking for a great way to spend a sunny day head down to the Richmond Go Kart Track and burn some rubber!

In The Lead

For more information you can visit them here:

– VideoChris

A Great Day At The Track

Conversely, Richmond also has an INDOOR Go Kart Track called Indoor Kart Racing @ TBC which you can visit here:

Tire Stack

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