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Hey everyone. Today I visited Lacquer Beauty Bar in Steveston with my friend, Ashley. I know what you’re wondering and no, I did not get my nails done, though I know how badly you’d all like to see that. Ashley however, was more than happy to get (Women, forgive my ignorance) a ‘French Manicure’. I tried to convince her to get a pedicure, but then decided against it last moment. I’d rather not risk losing viewers. (LOL @ Ashley)

Lacquer Beauty Bar Map

Lacquer Beauty Bar Googlemap:

Lacquer Beauty Bar

Lacquer Beauty Bar is a chic, clean, contemporary establishment nestled in the heart of Steveston. The staff were extremely friendly and accommodating and I found the atmosphere relaxing and inviting. Jaclyn, our smiley esthetician, wasted no time giving Ashley her treatment and explaining to me the finer points of this feminine beauty regime. (What a mystery…!) For the men who are reading this, a French manicure is a style of polishing the nails where a white paint is applied to the tips and a sheer polish is applied to the rest. It’s a simple technique that gives the nails a clean, well-groomed appearance. When all was said and done, Ashley seemed very pleased with the results. I did wonder why she chose a French manicure over a Canadian one though?

Lacquer Beauty Bar Polish

If you’re interested in checking out Lacquer Beauty Bar, definitely head down to Steveston and ask for either Angela or Jaclyn! They offer a full nail bar (manicures, pedicures), as well as wax, thread, and a facial bar to service all your beauty needs!

Lacquer Beauty Bar

For those interested, you can visit their website here:

– VideoChris

All photos courtesy of Ashley Drody.

Lacquer Beauty Bar Light Fixture

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