Iona Park – The Pipeline Hike & Richmond’s Nature

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Hey guys! Today I went out and hiked the Iona Pipeline with Bailey. The pipeline? Isn’t that connected to the Richmond Wastewater Treatment Plant? Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Well actually, it’s better than it sounds. Iona Beach is a regional park that offers some great wild life viewing and a fantastic hike or bike ride if you’re up for it. If you’re not sure where it is, it’s located just north of Sea Island and the Vancouver International Airport. Yes, it’s close to the treatment plant, but keep an open mind and hear me out on this one!

Iona Beach Sign

Iona Beach / Pipeline Hike Googlemap:

Iona Beach & Pipeline Map

It’s really not as bad as it sounds. The park is clean, well kept, and frankly looks like any other beach in the lower mainland. The treatment plant is located at the entrance to the park, but is so out of the way you barely even notice it. Iona is a great place for picnics and interestingly, stargazing too. It’s far away enough from the main parts of the city that you don’t get the light pollution and the entire sky is very easily visible. There are not too many other places around Vancouver where you can easily do this.

Bald Eagle, Iona Park

The really cool thing here though is the 4km man-made jetty that supports the huge outfall pipes that carry the treated water from the plant. At the end of this jetty, the treated water flows an additional 3 kms in submerged pipes to deep water in the Straight of Georgia, where tides and currents disperse it into the ocean. There is a great walking/jogging/biking trail that goes overtop of them with plenty of nice views and opportunities to see local wildlife. During my trek out there I saw all kinds of birds, eagles, and even a seal! Be warned! The trek is deceivingly long! At first glance it didn’t seem that much of a hike. I took Bailey out there and it was a haul- roughly 8km there and back! (Especially carrying 40lbs of camera gear! Yikes!) That being said, it was very rewarding reaching the end and watching the sunset with my puppy at the observation deck. There were plenty of other people around enjoying it too, and it was nice to laugh about how much fun a waste treatment plant could be.

End of the Road, Iona Pipeline

The Iona Pipeline is a great hike if you’re looking for a new route around Richmond! Check it out and try something new!

– VideoChris

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I’m an energetic and fun loving dude from little ‘ol Steveston, BC. I studied film at The Art Institute of Vancouver and have traveled the world shooting in almost 30 countries in 2010. I was the runner up for the 2010 Air Transat ‘Ultimate Vacationer’ position and have since began working with Tourism Richmond to promote and show off what an awesome place Richmond is. My passions in life include travel, film, indoor & beach volleyball, snowboarding, skimboarding, lying on beaches, diving, and otherwise just being with my friends! My aspiration in life is to create my own travel television series (in front of or behind the camera) and fulfil that gut feeling we all know so well…. the travel bug! Thanks for checking out my blog!

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4 Responses to Iona Park – The Pipeline Hike & Richmond’s Nature

  1. Mahbubul says:

    After reading and watching your blog on Iona Pipeline, I went to revisit it with couple of friends. Thanks again. Your blog was very insightful and informative. keep up the good work, Chris.

  2. Diana says:

    Hello Chris,
    I just happened upon your video while I was looking for the closing time at the Pipe today as I wanted to get out for a quick walk. I walk it every weekend and more and your video is a lovely memory for me of very familiar territory. I love the feel of expanse and the water and how it can change from the beginning of the walk to the finish. You are right it can seem longer than it looks but it all depends on where the mind is at on the day! Your video was beautifully done, very natural and the capture of the flight of the small birds most memorable. They are often there though in the winter months mostly and they waft over the water like a silver ribbon.
    Thank you.

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