Iona Beach Stargazing

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Hey everyone! Today’s post is a unique one – Yuriy and I went to Iona Beach in Richmond to stargaze! That’s right, we stood outside in the cold for a little over two hours to take astronomical time lapses just for you!

The Richmond Reel Light Art

Oftentimes, when trying to view stars directly from within the city the light pollution makes them almost indiscernible. This is why Iona Beach is the ideal spot- it’s so far away from the main city lights the stars are extremely visible. As an added bonus, you’re near the airport so you can watch the planes come in, flashing their lights over the water. This particular evening we had great weather with clear skies and just a few small clouds to keep it interesting. We had a fantastic time out there!

VideoChris With His Cam

For the record, the park gates close at dusk to vehicles, but if you leave your car outside the gates and enter by foot a wonderful display awaits you. Note: it’s pitch black there, so make sure you bring flashlights or headlamps with you while inside. Yuriy and I loaded up on Timbits, Iced Caps, and with Iphones in hand (so we could play Angry Birds and pass the time), entered the park and set up our cameras.

Yuriy's 5DMKII Working Away

You’ve seen Yuriy in a number of my videos now and there is a definite reason for that- beyond being one of my best friends, he’s also an amazing photographer and has some of the top of the line gear. My camera wasn’t sensitive enough to pick up the stars, so he had to bring in his to really capture their twinkles.

Yuriy Working Hard

As you watch the video, bear in mind that the footage was taken over a span of 2+ hours! 2+ hours of sitting on the beach for roughly 20 seconds of footage! Wow! The next time you see a time lapse on Youtube and brush it off, remember the sheer amount of time it takes to actually put these together!

Beautiful Night Sky 1

I’ve also heard that there are special stargazing events offered throughout the year by GVRD Parks. If this is something that interests you, definitely keep an eye out for it.

Beautiful Night Sky 2

The stargazing really was fantastic there. If you’re like me, this was a favourite pastime of growing up- sitting outside while camping and staring up into the sky while letting your imagination run wild. It truly is a great feeling and something I frankly miss a lot. People get so caught up with their daily lives and the bustle of the city, it’s nice to come out to the more rural areas like Iona and remind ourselves of the universe that surrounds us.

Thanks for watching!

–      VideoChris

Playing The Waiting Game

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I’m an energetic and fun loving dude from little ‘ol Steveston, BC. I studied film at The Art Institute of Vancouver and have traveled the world shooting in almost 30 countries in 2010. I was the runner up for the 2010 Air Transat ‘Ultimate Vacationer’ position and have since began working with Tourism Richmond to promote and show off what an awesome place Richmond is. My passions in life include travel, film, indoor & beach volleyball, snowboarding, skimboarding, lying on beaches, diving, and otherwise just being with my friends! My aspiration in life is to create my own travel television series (in front of or behind the camera) and fulfil that gut feeling we all know so well…. the travel bug! Thanks for checking out my blog!

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