Garry Point Park: Sunsets & Ice!

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Hey guys. Definitely check out the video before you read this!

So this evening I went out shooting around Garry Point Park, located in Steveston, Richmond. For some reason Googlemaps calls it ‘The Garry Point Kite Field.’ Regardless, if you’re not sure where this place is, click the link below:

Googlemaps link:

TRR: Garry Point Sunset Couple

Wow! What a night! I went out just expecting to catch a beautiful sunset… but was pleasantly surprised by the amount of people that were out enjoying the park and having fun! Every winter the main field there naturally floods and freezes over, creating a massive natural ice rink. As you saw in the video, it was packed! I would bet there were at least 300 people on the ice that evening. Dogs, kids, parents, families, grandparents, everyone! It was really cool to see so many different people coming together and enjoying themselves. I lost count of how many hockey games were going on that night!

TRR: Garry Point Sunset Hockey

By far my favourite part of the evening though was Andy and Dale. (the border collies) They were gorgeous dogs and to see them spin, sputter, and skid all along the ice after their stick was too funny. I ended up getting quite a bit of hilarious footage of them totally bailing, though I decided to only use snippets in the end. Perhaps I will upload an Andy-Dale reel later if anyone wants it. If you have a dog, take them down to the ice and bring your camera! It’s hilariously funny!

TRR: Garry Point Sunset Tree 2

Even better was the sunset! WOW! What a way to finish off 2010!! As a cinematographer the colours blew my mind. Such as easy shoot!!! You know when you point the camera at the dirt and get a money shot, something is going right! Tonight was one of those nights! This really was the icing on the cake for me during this fantastic evening.

TRR: Garry Point Beautiful Water

If you’re interested in a nice walk, the ice skating, a pickup hockey game, or even a hot chocolate at the little beach café there, definitely head down to Garry Point Park. It’s a great place in the summer and winter, and I’m so happy to have it a part of Richmond.

– VideoChris

TRR: Garry Point Chris Cam

PS. If you’d like to see more photos of that evening, go to The Richmond Reel’s Flickr page and check out our photostream:

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