Cherry Blossoms Are Here!!!

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Hey guys! Cherry blossom season is upon us and it’s time to get out of the house and enjoy the coming of spring! There are TONS of trees springing to life all throughout the city right now and it’s quite a sight to see! For my video I visited Steveston, #1 Road, and the Minoru area, though at this point it’s hard to go anywhere in the city without seeing them!

Viewing and enjoying the beauty of these flowers heralds back 1000 years to an old Japanese custom called ‘hamani’. (Translated: ‘flower viewing’) This tradition has been adopted in Richmond (and Vancouver!) and is looked forward to every year!

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In fact, some people take it very seriously. My Mother who is an avid gardener did some research online and found out there are actually people called ‘cherry scouts’ (haha) in Vancouver that comprise massive lists of all the trees in the city and surrounding area. There are 42 varieties of cherry blossoms worldwide and between Vancouver and Richmond, we have 18 of them! Nice! I’ve managed to pick out all of the Richmond trees they found and have listed them below, along with their variety. If you want to view some of our flowers, these are the best places to start:

  1. Yaohan Centre – ‘Accolate Cultivar’ (March 22nd– April 10th; Early bloom)
  2. Wood Bridge in Minoru Park – ‘Accolate Cultivar’ (March 22nd– April 10th; Early bloom)
  3. Intersection of Gilbert & Granville – (March 22nd– April 10th; Early bloom)
  4. Blundell near Gas Station – (March 22nd– April 10th; Early bloom)
  5. Minoru Blvd & The Bay (West Gate) – ‘Somei-Yoshino’ (March 30th-April 14th)
  6. South of Minoru Aquatic Centre – ‘Akebono’ (March 29th-April 7th)
  7. 7500 Granville Street – ‘Akebono’ (March 29th-April 7th)
  8. Richmond Caring Centre – ‘Akebono’ (March 29th-April 7th)
  9. Granville Park (Livingston Place) – ‘Accolate Cultivar’ (March 22nd– April 10th; Early bloom)
  10. Livingston Place – ‘Spire’ (April 1st-15th)
  11. Garry Point Park (LOTS)– ‘Accolate Cultivar’ (March 22nd– April 10th; Early bloom)
  12. Minoru Blvd Across From Richmond Centre – ‘Shirotae’ (April 4th– May 14th; Late bloom)
  13. Dorchester Circle (729 Moffat Road) – ‘Shirotae’ (April 4th– May 14th; Late bloom)
  14. #1 Road, Westminster Hwy to River Road (30 Trees) – ‘Akebono’ (March 29th-April 7th)
  15. Dyke Park – ‘Akebono’ (March 29th-April 7th)
  16. Grant McConachie Way to YVR (airport) – ‘Akebono’ (March 29th-April 7th)

Cherry Blossoms Are Here!

Enjoy them while they last!! Spring is here!


Cherry Blossoms Around Williams Road

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  1. Mahbubul says:

    Just watch “Cherry Blossoms Are Here!!! “video. For sure, it is beautiful and looks so peaceful. I wanna definitely, go and check it out. I didn’t know there are so many varieties, either. By the way, the background music that you have used is stunning. It reminds me my country, walking on the bank of a river. Well done, Chris.

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