Aberdeen Centre – Lunar New Year Dragon/Lion/Kung Fu Demonstration

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Hey everyone! As the finale for all the Lunar New Years Festival activities this year I visited Aberdeen Centre and witnessed a massive Dragon Dance, Lion Dance, and Kung Fu presentation! This was the best and most elaborate one I’ve seen so far! They lit off three hundred firecrackers to the beating of giant war drums, as at least ten lion dancers and one massive dragon performed for the crowd. The smoke from the firecrackers really added to the visual effect of the performance, which finished off with an assortment of kung fu artists wielding various weapons. It was awesome!

Dignitaries & Lions

Aberdeen Centre Google map:


Aberdeen Centre Map

You probably noticed the ‘painting of the eyes’ in the video. This is a tradition where the Lions are ‘brought to life’ with the ceremonial painting of the eyes. (as represented by the use of colour in the edit) Beyond that, I’ve already touched upon the significance of the Lion Dance in a previous post, so I’m going to get right into the Dragon Dance instead!

Lion Dancer Full Body

This traditional Chinese dance is a very common one at most big festivals, and usually consists of a team of ten to (sometimes) fifty people wielding a giant Chinese dragon on poles. The movements in the performance traditionally symbolize the historical roles of dragons, demonstrating power and dignity. On a funny side note, my sister is terrified of the Dragon Dances and cannot watch them! As a child she witnessed one and the brightly painted and striking costumes spooked her. To this day she doesn’t like to be around the dances! Ha! I would say if anything the dance is more awe-inspiring and entertaining than frightening, but you’ll have to see for yourself and decide.

Black Lion Dancer

The dragons can range in length of 25-35 meters, the largest being up to 50-70 meters! (these are usually reserved for large parades) It is believed that the longer the dragon, the more luck it will bring! This dance is usually the highlight and climax of the Lunar New Year celebrations held worldwide each year. The performance I witnessed was fantastic with non-stop action for at least fifteen minutes of continuous dancing, firecrackers, and music.

Kung Fu Artist With Sword

This marks the last of the Richmond Reel’s coverage of the Lunar New Year Festival for this year! I sincerely hope you enjoyed it and had a chance to get out there yourself and partake in the festivities! This coming weekend is the big Olympic Oval Winterfest! Expect lots of great coverage as I re-live some of the Olympic glory from earlier last year! Happy year of the rabbit everyone!


– VideoChris

PS. If you’d like to see more photos of that day, go to The Richmond Reel’s Flickr page and check out our photostream:


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