6Pack Beach – Beach Volleyball Comes To Richmond!

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Hey everyone! I am SUPER excited because today I got to check out 6Pack Beach!  This is an INDOOR BEACH located underneath the Knight Street Bridge and is the new central hub for all things beach volleyball in Richmond.

6Pack Beach Googlemap

Swing Away

Firstly, you need to know that I’m CRAZY about volleyball. It was my sport of choice growing up and it holds a very special place in my heart. I’d play indoor all winter, grass all spring, beach all summer! I love, love, love it! Naturally, when I heard about 6Pack Beach coming to Richmond, you could only imagine my excitement! After spending the evening there, I can honestly say it ROCKS!


It boasts an 18,000 square foot facility with 32ft high ceilings, 5 sand courts, a social ‘chill out’ area, foot washes for the sand, and plenty of space for spectating! Oh, and they’re getting a bar soon, too! Nice!


6Pack Beach just opened up in the last month, and being quite new you’d expect it to be pretty quiet. Wow, it was quite the opposite! This place was hot! The facility was bustling with energy and action and was chock full of players having an absolute blast!

Down Ball

There were players of all skill levels, too! I saw everything from recreation players to competitive players, and even a Team Canada member! I was fortunate to sit down with Martin Reader from Team Canada’s Beach Volleyball team and ask him for his thoughts on the facility. He was beyond supportive of it and had some really nice things to say about the fantastic scene we have here in Richmond. If you’d like to find out more about Martin and follow his progress in the FIVB you can see his website here: www.martinreader.ca. He seems a like a first class, friendly dude and sounds like he has a lot to contribute to Richmond’s volleyball scene. Did I mention he was 6’7? Best of luck Martin in the upcoming Vancouver Open held at Kits Beach on July 15-17th!

Martin Reader

If you want some great volleyball action make sure you head down to 6Pack Beach in Richmond! They offer drop in, league play, tournaments, rentable courts, and coaching sessions! They also have a truly great atmosphere to meet and link up with other local volleyball players! Sound like a cool place? You bet. See you there! Just try not to get six packed!

Single Block

(Not a volleyball player? Getting ‘six packed’ means taking a hit to the face! BANG!)

–      VideoChris

For more information you visit them here: http://www.6packbeach.com

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