The Richmond Reel 2011 Year End Wrap Up

The Richmond Reel SplashHey everyone! WOW! 2011 is over! What a ride! Thanks everyone for watching and sticking with me this year. I sincerely hope you’ve gained some value and insight into Richmond!

I’ve made 55 videos this year exploring the best that Richmond has to offer! Now I know a lot of you have joined half way through or towards the end, so I’ve put together a massive 14 minute ‘index’ video recapping EVERYTHING I’ve done this year on the Reel for your convenience.

Please check it out, use the YouTube annotations, or see the links below for all of your favourite content this year! (or stuff you missed!) Enjoy and thanks for an amazing year and all your support!

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Massive index of Richmond Reel posts this year!

1) Garry Point Park – Sunsets and Ice:

2) The Great Christmas Light Adventure:

3) Winter Wonderland – ‘The Richmond Arena’:

4) The Richmond Olympic Oval Experience:

5) Steveston At A Glance:

6) Walk Into The Past – The Britannia Heritage Shipyard:

7) ‘The Monster Cannery’ – The Gulf Of Georgia Cannery:

8) The Aberdeen Mall Chinese New Year Flower & Gift Fair:

9) The West Dyke Trail – Hike/Bike/Enjoy:

10) Chinese New Year – Lion Dancing At Yaohan Centre:

11) The International Buddhist Temple: Beauty Meets Serenity:

12) Aberdeen Centre – Lunar New Year Dragon/Lion/Kung Fu Demonstration:

13) Winterfest At The Richmond Olympic Oval!:

14) Rocanini Boutique Coffee Shop in Steveston:

15) My First Bubble Tea: Fair Bee Coffee & Tea:

16) The Vancouver International Airport At A Glance:

17) Watermania Aquatic and Fitness Centre:

18) Lacquer Beauty Bar – Chic Design & Nails:

19) Iona Park – The Pipeline Hike & Richmond’s Nature:

20) The Steveston Museum – Bank? Clinic? Post Office?:

21) Cherry Blossoms Are Here!!!:

22) The Steveston Winter Market – Gulf Of Georgia Cannery:

23) The Richmond Art Gallery:

24) The Golden Village – Food Street, Aberdeen & Yaohan:

25) Steveston Whale Watching!!!:

26) Spot Prawns in Steveston!!!:

27) The Richmond Nature Park and… SLUG RACES:

28) Ships to Shore – Sailing with ‘The Lady Washington’:

29) Ships to Shore – The Lady Washington vs The Hawaiian Chieftain SEA BATTLE!:

30) Ships To Shore Final Wrap Up – The Rest of the Event!:

31) The London Heritage Farm – A Glimpse Into Richmond’s Past:

32) 6Pack Beach – Beach Volleyball Comes To Richmond!:

33) The Salmon Festival – Happy Canada Day!!!:

34) Strawberry Season Has Come!!!:

35) Cooling Off In Richmond:

36) The Richmond Summer Night Market Adventure:

37) NEED FOR SPEED – Go Karts in Richmond!:

38) Sunsets and Airplanes @ YVR:

39) The Fish N Chips of Steveston!:

40) Richmond Raptor Festival; Birds of Prey:

41) The Steveston Wharf:

42) The West Richmond Pitch and Putt – GOLF!:

43) The Wines of Richmond – Lulu Island Winery:

44) Iona Beach Stargazing:

45) Biking Timelapse Tour of Richmond’s Dykes:

46) Richmond By Air – Jet Helicopters with Helijet:

47) Flyzone Body Flight (Skydiving!):

48) The Pumpkin Patch!:

49) SHOCK Paintball:

50) Richmond By Water w/ Steveston Eco Tours:

51) The Richmond Cranberry Harvest:

52) Snow Geese – Captured and Shot [on video!]:

53) Richmond In Motion:

54) The Richmond Curling Rink Battle Royale:

55) Santa Visits Steveston!:

The Richmond Reel: Richmond Explored Through Film

Tourism Richmond - London Heritage Farm 127

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Santa Visits Steveston!

Don’t forget to click either 720P or 1080P in the YouTube box! =)

Merry Christmas!!! Yes, it’s that time of year again and Steveston is leading the charge with this year’s Christmas festivities in Richmond! I headed into town today to welcome Santa Claus, listen to live music, carolers, eat candy, and even go on a horse drawn carriage ride!

Santa Visits Steveston 2

Santa Arrives in Steveston

Santa made quite an entrance! I found myself standing in a SEA of red Santa hats as hundreds of families and children gazed out into the Fraser River. In the background a local band of violins played Christmas songs as everyone waited eagerly… Then, out in the distance a small skiff materialized. Could it be? That familiar red suit, the white beard… it was none other than Santa Claus making a grand amphibious entrance into Steveston, escorted by Mounties, to an excited crowd of starry-eyed children. It was a fantastic way to kick off Christmas in Steveston!

Santa Visits Steveston 1

Live Music Xmas Time Steveston

I overheard that St. Nick was heading to The Gulf of Georgia Cannery where he would be meeting the local children of Richmond and asking them what they wanted for Christmas. Between stuffing my face with candy canes, I quickly jumped on a reindeer drawn carriage ride through historic Steveston and made my way to the cannery. Ok, ok, they weren’t reindeer but rather massive horses with Christmas antlers, an excellent touch.

Reindeer Horses

Carriage Ride Through Steveston

The Cannery was packed (literally) with people exploring Steveston’s history, and waiting eagerly to spend some time with Santa. Using the unrivalled power of the Media Pass I surpassed the lineups and fast tracked myself to Santa’s quarters. Though I didn’t get a chance to sit on his knee (I reserved that for the little guys), it was great seeing everyone enjoying the Christmas magic. One funny moment was when I overheard a little 5 year old boy ask Santa for a green Camero for Christmas. Though I’d prefer red, the kid had good taste.

It was a great way to end a festive and colourful day in Steveston! Merry Christmas everyone!

– Chris

Jolly Saint Nick

PS. December 23 Santa Claus Parade – The Steveston Rotary Club is putting on their annual Santa Claus parade through Steveston. Parade begins at 6pm at Sixth and Hunt, and will weave through old Steveston past Lord Byng School, then east from Third Avenue along Moncton Street to the Steveston Community Centre. This will be Santa’s last appearance before heading back to the North Pole to get ready for his big trip.


Frosty, VideoChris, Mrs. Claus

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The Richmond Curling Rink Battle Royale

Don’t forget to click either 720P or 1080P in the YouTube box! =)

Today I had the opportunity to try a sport that I’ve never played before in my entire life: curling. I remember watching the intense and strategic games of curling during the Olympics, but beyond that the closest I’ve come is bocce ball, which is not very close.

Curling Rink Overview Shot

Chris Curling

I headed down to the Richmond Curling Rink, located kiddy corner to the Richmond Olympic Oval. They have a great facility including eight sheets of ice (play areas), a café, pro shop, and a huge sports bar and lounge with a fantastic observation area overlooking the arena.

Observation Deck

I arrived with my friend Colin, who is an avid curling enthusiast and was eager to get on the ice and throw some rocks with me. Before we began however, I was introduced to the local resident expert Kim, who was more than happy to show and explain the ropes of the game to me. Curling is an interesting sport as it’s extremely technical and all about finesse. The most common beginner mistake is throwing the rock too hard- a lot of times it’s the gentler, steady shots that win a given game. As I watched the various games going on around me, it became immediately apparent the huge amount of strategy and positioning involved in curling. This can be a dirty game! When I say that I mean like chess dirty—out maneuvering and one-upping your opponent. I like it.

Kim Teaching Us Proper Form

The objective of curling is to push a 44 pound rock down the playing area, called the sheet, and try to land it in the ‘button’ (bulls-eye) at the far end. It is essentially a huge target on the ice about 146 feet away from where you start. Frozen bocce on crack is a good analogy.


After a quick on ice lesson on proper rock throwing technique (I was awful, despite what Kim says), as well as a briefing on sweeping techniques (yes, women sweep better than men- ha!), I was ready to try my luck! I positioned myself and placed my foot in the ‘hack’ (like a starting block used to push off of), broom in hand for support, and grabbed my rock. Eyes on the target, I pushed off and launched my rock. I soon found out that it’s imperative to the game of curling that you keep your rock on your sheet of ice and not your neighbour’s. You don’t get points for completely missing your target and landing it next door. Ha! Well, despite my lack of curling skills I had a blast and it was a great new experience.

Colin VS Chris

Colin soon challenged me to a three rock game for beers upstairs afterwards. Since I know you’ve watched the video you all know how that turned out. J Winter ale with winter sports. I love it.


If you’re interested in trying some curling or already are a curler, the Richmond Curling Rink offers league play, tournaments, train and plays, event hosting and sheet rental. Of course if you’re a ‘gifted curler’ like me, the bar and observation deck upstairs are also an excellent choice! Definitely check them out and have some fun!

Chris concentrating on the shot

For more information visit their website here:

–      VideoChris

PS. I throw a MEAN game of bocce, if anyone is up for a challenge.

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Richmond In Motion

Don’t forget to click either 720P or 1080P in the YouTube box! =)

This week’s video I am titling ‘Richmond in Motion.’ This is an idea I’ve had for a while; the concept behind it capturing the bustle and activity (aka motion) of Richmond through time-lapse photography.

The Flying Beaver

I’ve done a little tiny bit of time-lapse photography in the past, namely my star gazing video earlier this year, however this was my first project dedicated solely to it. I think time-lapse photography is really underrated—the amount of time it takes to get those shots can be staggering. Suffice to say, this project’s given me a newfound respect for it. Those tiny little five-second shots you see certainly have a price! In my case, each shot you see is anywhere from 10 minutes on the low end, to 35 minutes on the high end, per clip!

Fisherman's Wharf Wide

I spent about four separate days out shooting these time-lapses, the first batch of which were ruined due to poor weather. It also didn’t help that daylight in the last few weeks has been diminishing at an alarming rate. The sunsets this week have been happening at 4:00PM! With my current schedule, I generally work late into the night and sleep in during mornings, so as you can imagine it gives me a limited window! “Wake up early Chris!” Shhhh!

Minoru Race Track

That being said, I’m very happy with the result. Please enjoy Richmond In Motion!

– VideoChris

Steveston Over Water

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Snow Geese – Captured and Shot [on video!]

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What is that noise!? Chances are if you live in Richmond or have been visiting Richmond in the last few weeks you’ve heard the insane amount of squawking going on. Yes, it is none other than the fabled snow geese horde that has taken over the city. (Yes, I call them ‘the horde!’)

Snow Geese in Field

Snow Goose in Flight

Each fall, tens of thousands of snow geese touch down in the Fraser Delta, a huge portion of them landing specifically in Richmond. They breed way up in the northern tundras of Canada and Alaska and migrate south every winter to the warmer climates of the Lower Mainland. They travel almost 5,000km on their journey to get here and it is quite a sight to see!

Tons of Snow Geese

Snow Geese Take Flight

For me personally, I welcome the sight of them. I think it’s amazing to walk into a field covered in beautiful white snow geese. It represents the changing of the seasons and is a nature photographer’s dream! It’s an incredible sight to look up to the sky and see hundreds upon hundreds of white birds flying in formation over the city. I love it!

Snow Geese

For others, namely the Vancouver International Airport, the snow geese are a major concern. With the massive amounts of geese flying in, they have to be very careful to avoid bird strikes with their jets. To combat this, the airport uses lasers, lights, pyrotechnics, and trained dogs to chase and scare them out of the away from the runways. YVR actually employs three ‘bird officers’ whose sole job is keep the runways clear!

Snow Geese Soaring

If you’re in Richmond and you can actually find the horde, (It’s difficult! They move around A LOT!) I highly recommend you grab a camera and check them out! Seeing 5,000 white birds dominate a school field is quite a sight! Even better news, if you’re superstitious, you have about 10,000 chances to get pooped on this winter! Think of all the good luck! 😉

Snow Geese Flying

– VideoChris

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Remembrance Day in Richmond Through Photos

Today is a very special day- 11-11-11. Remembrance Day.

One of the most incredible experiences of my life was visiting Ypres, Belgium last year. I visited Tyne Cot Cemetery, also refereed to as ‘Flanders Fields,’ near Passendale. It was a beautiful, emotional, and sobering experience: thousands of Canadian graves row by row, among beautiful pink roses as far as the eye could see. Afterwards I visited the The Flanders Field Museum, which as a Canadian, truly moved me. If you ever want to visit a stunningly put together war museum with a strong Canadian influence, that is it. I have so much respect for our veterans and those that fought for our freedom.


I was not able to attend the Richmond ceremony in person, however my mother went and took a number of photographs covering the event. Please enjoy and remember the sacrifice and hardship that our veterans endured to give us the world we live in today.

Lest we forget.


Canada Wreath


Vimmy Ridge Rock

A Decorated War Veteran

Placing the Wreaths

Royal Canadian Mounted Police


Various Armed Forces

The Richmond Cenotaph 2


A Veteran of the Great War


The Richmond Cenotaph 3

Teaching the Young


This is a very emotional and thought provoking video I would like to share with you about Remembrance Day. This is not my work nor do I own any piece of it. The message is pure and simple and everyone should pass this message on for generations to come.

– VideoChris

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The Richmond Cranberry Harvest

Don’t forget to click either 720P or 1080P in the YouTube box! =)

If I asked you what Richmond’s biggest export was, could you tell me? A few weeks ago I didn’t know myself! I probably would have guessed seafood—it is in fact, cranberries!


Handful of Cranberries

This week on The Richmond Reel I headed out to Richmond’s vast agricultural lands to take a peek into the lives of our local cranberry farmers. I was fortunate enough to cross paths with a woman named Charl May, a local farmer from Richmond’s May family. The May family? This family has made quite a name for themselves and owns a huge amount of agricultural land in Richmond. Several brothers in the family spearhead the cranberry harvest each year. Who better to show me around than a family that’s been farming in Richmond for 100 years?

Heron in Cranberry Field

The cranberry harvest begins in October and lasts till about November each year. Assuming you already have a crop planted and growing, the first phase to the harvest is flooding the fields. Using an elaborate canal system dug around all of the fields, the farmers funnel river water into the bog and begin the process of flooding. Depending on the size of the field, it takes about one day of flooding to fill one field.

Flooded Fields

The next step is the beating phase. This is when a series of machines called ‘beaters’ come in and thrash the field, knocking the cranberries off their vines so they float to the surface. The beating phase takes about one day to two days per field depending on the size. At this point, the sea of red that the cranberries are so famous for begins to materialize. It is a beautiful sight to see.

Beaters on Cranberry Field

So now we have a huge field full of floating berries. It’s at this point that the berries are ‘boomed’ and siphoned off. The fields are absolutely enormous so the farmers utilize wind direction to their advantage in cordoning off the berries… and there are A LOT of berries. Depending on the year, a single field may produce anywhere from four to ten truckloads of cranberries. Charl’s family has eight fields in Richmond, as well as a number of others in Fort Langely.

Workers Booming The Berries

Cranberry Boom

The next step is extracting the berries from the field. During my time in the bog I saw several different methods employed to do this—it seems that each family has their own way of doing it. Charl’s family used a combination of water pressure to funnel the berries up a conveyor belt into the waiting trucks. Another nearby May farm used pressure and hoses to pump the berries out of the bog. It’s a pretty cool process to see, and it’s amazing the amount of berries being extracted.

Harvesting the Cranberries

The final step is taking the now collected berries to the co-op—in this case the giant Ocean Spray factory located on Richmond’s No. 6 Road. The berries are then cleaned and processed into the various cranberry products you know and love.

Off to the Co-op

That’s the entire process to the harvest! It’s a lot of work in very cold and wet conditions! That being said, every farmer I met during my several trips out to the bog was in great spirits and always gave me a smile and wave. Thanks again to Charl and the May family for allowing me to come out to their cranberry farm and film them during the harvest! The only shot I seemed to have missed was Charl tripping in the bog and going face first into the cranberries. Next year!

–      VideoChris

Shooting the Cranberry Fields

Fun fact: Where does white cranberry juice come from? It’s from harvesting the cranberries in August instead of October when they are still white!

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Richmond By Water w/ Steveston Eco Tours

Don’t forget to click either 720P or 1080P in the YouTube box! =)

So as you know, I just recently did ‘Richmond By Air’ with Helijet…. Since then I’ve been meaning to do a ‘Richmond by Water’, but I was having a difficult time finding someone with a boat willing to take me around. Well, I was recently hooked up with a company named ‘Steveston Eco Tours’, specifically a man by the named of Bruce Livingston. Bruce was kind enough to take me out on his six-man boat and sail around Richmond, offering a different perspective than you may be used to from the land. (or air!)

Bruce of Eco Tours

Steveston Harbour

Bruce is the owner and operator of a small, new company named Eco Tours, based out of Steveston. He gets people out on the water to see Steveston, the Fraser River Estuary, the Gulf Islands, and shows them what this part of the world really has to offer. You would be amazed at the amount of history and sight seeing there is around Richmond accessible by water. I’ve lived here my whole life and was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful experience and new sights Bruce showed me.

Fishing Boats

Gulf of Georgia Cannery

Our entire trip was a relaxed two and a half hours. Bruce was a fantastic guide who was incredibly knowledgeable about the region and gave us insight into the history and workings of the mouth of the Fraser. We got a close and personal waterside look at the Steveston Harbour, Britannia Heritage Shipyards, Shady Island, Gulf of Georgia Cannery, down and around Garry Point, Scotch Pond, way out to the jetty to see a sea lion, Finn Slough, the BC Ferry wet dock, went overtop of the Massey Tunnel, and finally back to Paramount Pond, where we began. There was wildlife, fishing boats, freighters, tugs, pilot boats, the massive Fraser River dredgers, and just a ton to see on the water the whole time. Steveston is a very, very busy port, though you may not realize it from the land!

Shooting the Dredger

Bald Eagle

I really enjoyed seeing all the wildlife on the trip. My personal highlight was a 900 pound sea lion we saw on some rocks sun bathing by the Steveston jetty. We were able to get within twenty feet of him! Make sure you watch the video to get a close and personal look at him! Beyond that, we saw a couple seals, eagles, herons, snow geese, and many other local birds. Richmond really is a great setting to explore by water!

Sea Birds

Sea Lion Posing

If you’re looking for a first class, friendly, personable guide, Bruce Livingston of Eco Tours is your man. We had a fabulous day on the water and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks again Bruce for having me out!

Chris and Bruce

You can find his website here:

Have fun and check out Richmond by water! Tell him VideoChris sent you!

– VideoChris


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SHOCK Paintball

Don’t forget to click either 720P or 1080P in the YouTube box! =)

WAR! What is it good for?? Absolutely nothin– well, actually in this case it was quite fun. Today I went out to SHOCK Paintball in Richmond with my childhood friend, Ben Dodman. Richmond has a paintball arena? Yes, it does! In fact, we have the largest indoor paintball arena in all of Canada!

Staging Area

Arena Shot 2

Nestled away in an industrial complex just off of New Westminster Highway, Richmond boasts a humungous 22,000 square foot fully decked out indoor paintball arena. We visited them to see if the hype was worth it.

Arena Shot 1

Upon arriving we were greeted by SHOCK’s incredibly friendly and hospitable staff who were enthusiastic to show us around their facility. You can feel a real sense of pride in the building as everyone that works there not only loves paintball, but realizes the value of the facility that they have at their disposal. The building is huge! They have multiple rooms for parties and functions, a large staging area, a pro paintball shop (in the works), as well as a briefing/gear up room to get ready.

Gear Locker

Ben Getting Ready

Ben and I were very quickly suited up in full camouflage coveralls and combat vests, and given our masks and markers. (Marker = paintball for gun) One of the best and most interesting things about the field are the markers. I’ve played paintball in several other arenas throughout the lower mainland, and while fun, most of them offer very low-grade, crappy guns. SHOCK however offers authentic full replica markers. This means I can wield a realistic looking M16 or MP5, which really adds a lot to the combat experience.

M16 Marker

Soon Ben and I were ready to begin our first match. The actual ‘field’ is quite a sight to see. Entering through the staging area and a large mesh door, you pass into a massive paint covered city block. They have multi-level buildings, bunkers, sandbag fortifications, cars, and all manner of obstacles strewn throughout the play area. In speaking to one of the employees, I soon found out that they actually re-created the popular video game Call of Duty map ‘Strike.’ What does that mean? They’ve created a one to one replica of the map for players to enjoy. Very cool.

Arena Shot 1

Ben and I were soon battling up city blocks, capturing flags, assaulting buildings, and ducking for cover in the massive play area. It was SOOO much fun! I’ve played outdoor paintball before, however indoor is a totally different ball game. You tend to engage people at much closer ranges and the action is much faster and more frantic.


Under Fire

The entire experience creates an adrenaline packed thrill ride that is not only incredibly fun, but a workout too! After a 10 minute match of running up streets, hopping from cover to cover, and bee-lining for objectives you are panting and sweating. Whew! This is so much more entertaining than a treadmill!

Street Battle

So, the question you’re all wondering- does it hurt? I’d be lying if I said it didn’t! I got hit lots, I hit lots, and in the end it was totally awesome and a great experience. Sure, I have a few small raspberries and bruises on my arms, but they will act as a reminder of how much fun I had until they fade in a few days. It’s this exact thing that makes paintball so fun— that constant risk of getting hit that turns up the intensity so much. Protip: Shoot the bad guys first before they shoot you. 😉


Ben and I had a great time and I can’t recommend SHOCK enough. We had a blast, got a great workout, and the adrenaline is something that few other sports can match. If you’re looking for a great way to spend an afternoon or evening, hop on down to SHOCK Paintball in Richmond and have some fun!

Taking Cover

For more information you can check out their website here:

– VideoChris

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The Pumpkin Patch!

Don’t forget to click either 720P or 1080P in the YouTube box! =)

This week, in the spirit of Halloween, I ventured out with my two and a half year old neighbour Hudson to the pumpkin patch! The pumpkin patch is a fun destination packed full of activities and entertainment for the whole family! Located on Steveston Highway between No.5 and N0. 6, you will find everything there from mud, music, wagon rides, live shows, animals, a corn maze…  and of course pumpkins!

The Pumpkin Patch

Nice Big Pumpkin

I have fond memories as a child coming here and utterly caking myself in mud, finding the biggest and best pumpkin in the patch, and dragging it home for carving! I’m happy to say it’s exactly as I remember it, only this time, everything seems just a bit smaller. 🙂

Found One!

Upon arriving I met up with Hudson, his father Doug, his mom Teresa, and their newborn, Finnegan. Hudson was very excited to get going!

Hudson in the Patch!

Before starting we visited the small petting zoo near the entrance, complete with chickens, roosters, goats, and cows… or as Hudson called them ‘Moo Moos.’ We bought our tickets and headed in towards the famous wagon ride!

Tourism Richmond - Pumpkin Patch 146

To get to the pumpkin patch, you must first hop on a hay wagon and enjoy a nice five minute ride through the farm and surrounding orchard.  As you pass the serene sights of the dew filled fields and farm, you are sung to by a banjo wielding musician on the wagon! He does a good job at getting the kids going, as well as explaining the sights as they pass by. Soon, we were at the patch!

Tourism Richmond - Pumpkin Patch 148

Beautiful! Pumpkins everywhere!!! Hudson and I were soon venturing out into the fields,  with mud everywhere, hunting down the perfect pumpkin! After quite an extensive search over two different pumpkin fields Hudson located his pumpkin, as well as mine. It was a lot of fun watching Hudson romp around searching high and low for that perfect pumpkin. It brought back memories of when I was a child and I’m happy he got to experience it.

Copy of Tourism Richmond - Pumpkin Patch 141

A short wagon ride later we were back at the farm, and in front of a giant box of delicious red apples. It’s tradition that after your hay ride and pumpkin search you reward yourself with a crunchy red apple! We watched a stage show with life-size characters dancing on the stage all to live music and soon were ready to head home with our prizes. What a great morning!

Hudson Eating an Apple

If you are in need of a pumpkin for Halloween, definitely head down to the pumpkin patch on Steveston Highway and get the full experience! It’s really a lot of fun for the whole family!

Thanks to Hudson and family for coming out and spending the day with me! Happy Halloween!

Teresa, Finnegan, Doug and Hudson

–           VideoChris

You can find more about the pumpkin patch here:

Behind the Scenes - Pumpkin Patch

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